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Mama Bear’s Office Makeover

I am a person who likes change.  I enjoy moving decor items around in my house to give a different look and I am all about making a space work for the needs of the family within the house.

Those of you who have read & watched along since my blog started will know that the 2nd bedroom of our home has evolved several times.  It started out as Hayley’s room as she was still living at home when we bought the house. When Hayley & Ben got married it became my office.

It has served me well as an office, but over the Christmas holidays I got the itch to implement a few changes to give me even greater efficiency and satisfy my desire for change. I’m pretty excited!! Have a look 🙂

If you have the itch for change but would benefit from a brainstorming session first, maybe our DIY package is just what you need.

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We can’t wait to have one of these fun sessions with you. The ideas flow and creativity abounds when you put 3 heads together rather than just “noodling” it on your own.  

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7 thoughts on “Mama Bear’s Office Makeover”

  1. Some really clever ideas here. I use a pretty clipboard for each client and it allows me to clip all things large and small together. However they aren’t front and centre like your handy dandy Hook and Clip idea. I like that you can see at a glance what’s in the works. Maybe then I could put them in order of priority easier. Hmmm, good thing I love change too. Good change, that is!

    1. Hi Gladys: I am realizing that I too need to create a “priority” system within the hooks/clips. Lower 2 rows priority and upper row more archival (still want to keep it visible but don’t need to go to it anytime soon). A work in progress 😉

      1. Yes, exactly what I would do. I find offices are always “a work in progress”. Time for me to head to the dollar store.

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