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We are Heart of the Matter Professional Organizers

We love organizing spaces

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We wanted to take a second to say hello and welcome you to the family.

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Seriously, on behalf of the entire Heart of the Matter team we want you to know that we're truly excited and grateful that you decided to join us:

  • Do you feel like your space has control over you rather than it being the other way around?
  • Do you feel like you are hardly able to keep your head above water?
  • Do you feel guilty, embarrassed or ashamed that you can’t keep your home and family in order?

We want to equip and mentor you to get your space in order so that you have the time and energy to fulfill your purpose in life. We want to get you to a level playing field where you can be in maintenance mode.

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Don't you deserve to get control of your life back? Are your spaces overrunning your life? Let us help.

It’s ok to admit that you need a little extra boost in the area of organizing.

We can help you by combining our teaching backgrounds with our organizing skills!

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Rhonda Erb

Rhonda Erb and her husband Jason live in Baden with their 3 lovely daughters.  She is a busy mom but tries to find time for reading and scrapbooking.

Gold Leaf Status in Professional Organizers of Canada

Rhonda Erb

Donna Schmidt

Donna Schmidt and her husband Murray are parents to three great young adult kids.  As empty nesters, Donna and her husband made the decision to rightsize into a smaller home.   Donna enjoys biking and reading.  Her and Murray are super excited to be experiencing the joys of grandparenting!


Donna Schmidt

My kitchen and office are so beautifully organized that I have been able to keep them in order!!! If your ears tingle, it's me thinking a silent "Thank you!" as I am immediately able to put my hands on an important document or find a little-used utensil, thanks to your help!!!

Ann Dube    

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate how you have equipped me to handle my own clutter demons. After seeing you last week, Donna, I was even more motivated than before to tackle that beast in my house that is our bay window. It is the catch-all of all clutter and had become a mini-mountain. I clambered on it today and did not rest until it was submitted - or at least subdued. In any case, I can see the ledge, the kids were sitting on it, basking in the glory of today's sun and using some of the workbooks that had been MIA for a very long time. And I felt really good about having purged and persevered. It looks great. Now on to my next project.

Thanks again, your work works!

Arlene Barr    

It was so lovely to see you today and I feel in retrospect that I "chatted on" too much about me - I'm sorry. You are such a good listener and I think I needed to "unburden". Thank you for being there for me! I sincerely hope that you and Rhonda continue to have success. There are very few people that I know that have the personal drive and strong ethics that you and Rhonda display. May you continue to be blessed. You are both very special ladies..

Cathy Watson    


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