Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing is a one-on-one consultation over zoom.

This includes:

  • A one hour session
  • Gentle coaching and encouragement
  • Creating a plan of action
  • Providing accountability
  • Finding the best solution for your space

Our Virtual Organizing Sessions Explained

Learn on your Time

Let’s paint a picture of what this could look like for you.  Picture this . . . sitting on your couch in your comfy clothes, sipping on a cup of coffee or your favourite tea.

Learn From Us

You are having a casual conversation with one of us about the spaces in your home that are driving you crazy!

We want to get you to a level playing field where you work in maintenance mode instead of that constant panic of almost drowning.

Baby steps . . . one step at a time. The key for success in these virtual sessions is for you to be motivated to follow through with the plan and the suggestions. There isn’t just one way of organizing . . . we will brainstorm together until we find the solutions that work best for you.

A Virtual Chat session would be great for you if you are:

  • Motivated to carry out the action plan on your own or have support from friends/family.
  • Too busy for a “hands-on” session.
  • Familiar with the basic skills of technology required to facilitate our calls to each other.
  • Need some accountability in tackling the spaces in your home.
  • Budget conscious and realize that it is more economical to get the ideas from the pros and then implement them on your own.


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