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Could you use an organizing mentor in your life?

Have you ever joked with your significant other and said, “I need someone to move in full-time to help me with this house”?

Well, we aren’t proposing that we move in but we would be honoured to be your “go to” organizers.

Are you nervous to invite someone to come in and see your space?  We’d like to present you with an alternative approach to organizing.  We offer virtual organizing services and we think it is one of the very best ways to get you and your space organized!

Maybe you don’t have the time to set aside a half day to have an organizing session with us,  but it is more realistic to think about having a one hour chat with one of us instead!

You don’t have to leave your house and you don’t have to invite us over.

We make organizing your space a breeze!!

Ever wished you had someone to help you organize your life?

We'll help create calm out of chaos and come up with strategies for your organizing challenges!

Our Virtual Organizing Sessions

Let’s paint a picture of what this could look like for you.  Picture this . . . sitting on your couch in your comfy clothes, sipping on a cup of coffee or your favourite tea.

You are having a casual conversation with one of us about the spaces in your home that are driving you crazy!


Interviewing A Past Virtual Client

Ever wished you were a fly on the wall? Here’s your chance.

Sally agreed to spend a few minutes with us after her recent virtual organizing session and de-brief the experience.

Is This You?

Are you drowning in paper?

Finding it next to impossible to keep up with your laundry?

Do you struggle with time management?

Having trouble getting your family on board to help you out with jobs around the house?

Do you feel like you are always trying to get your head above water?

We want to get you to a level playing field where you work in maintenance mode instead of that constant panic of almost drowning.

Baby steps . . . one step at a time. The key for success in these virtual sessions is for you to be motivated to follow through with the plan and the suggestions. There isn’t just one way of organizing . . . we will brainstorm together until we find the solutions that work best for you.

A Virtual Chat session would be great for you if you are:


Virtual Session

$ 75
Per Hour
  • Let’s partner together on this journey and the plan will be as individualized as you are!

Virtual Session

$ 50
Per Hour
  • Buy one session at the SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE of $50/hour
  • PLUS get an additional 1 Hour Session Absolutely Free!! Buy now, use anytime. No expiry.

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