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As an Ontario College of Teachers graduate, I understand that as teachers we dream about being organized so that we can put our hands on the resources we need, WHEN we need them.  Heart of the Matter will help you organize your classroom and your files so that you are ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning.

Rhonda Erb, Co-owner of Heart of the Matter

During my years as a daycare provider, I accumulated a huge collection of theme related items and "just in case" craft supplies.  I understand what it is like to feel overwhelmed by all of your good stuff.  We can help you weed through the piles and create easily accessible homes for your treasures.

Donna Schmidt, Co-owner of Heart of the Matter


I have no time at the end of the day to put everything back where it needs to go, so things pile up.

Heart of the Matter will help you set up maintenance systems and figure out daily routines.  We have participated in and taught many time management workshops and know that each person is unique.  We will brainstorm options that work for you.

Do I file this under “thanksgiving” OR “pumpkins” OR “seasons”?

With our background in teaching, we have tips for cross referencing materials.  We experienced these challenges ourselves so we have some tricks that are proven successful.

I have several boxes of materials on “native studies” but I have no idea how to turn that into a unit.

We have worked with teachers to transform a pile of materials into a workable unit.  Our process will help make lesson planning easier.  Our staff has practical experience managing resources from their years in teaching and daycare.

My students need to be more independent and access what they need when they need it rather than always coming to me.

We have had years of experience in figuring out classroom floor plans and working on a daily efficient flow.  We have ways to bring out the best in your students every day.

I teach so many different levels.  How do I store everything so that it is easy to access?

We understand that teachers have a lot of stuff!  You have general classroom supplies but then you have files/papers/books specific to certain grade levels.  We'll teach you the difference between storing items in prime real estate vs. archival storage.

My year is off to an organized and smooth start.  One of the best in my 14 years of teaching.  My students are also connecting well with each other and the room organization works well (with minor adjustments as we go).  As always, I have 1-3 areas to continue to organize, but it feels manageable.  I Love all the labels!  Thank you all for your support in making my "fresh start", a smooth one!

Janine Cain

Report cards are looming ahead of me.  How do I gather all the assessment material that I need?

We will customize a plan for consistent monthly, weekly, and daily assessment.  These plans are based on efficient time management.  We have participated in and taught time management workshops and know that each person is unique.  We will brainstorm options that work for you

I can't thank you enough for helping me with this space home office space!  I did all my report cards here and was so glad not to have to clean up all my notes from the kitchen table when it was time to make and eat dinner because they weren't there!  I could just leave everything on the desk where they weren't bothering anyone.  My kids have been able to do their schoolwork using the internet and have their notes and books beside them.  We have all even been using the whole room more because it FEELS like a more pleasant, calming place to be.  And yes, I love having the bookcase where it is.  I have easily reached for both my English and French resources many times this week.  Another reason I've been more productive is because I have my back to all the action in the house and am not distracted by the TV because I'm not facing it any longer.
Thank you again.  I so appreciate you sharing your gift and helping me live in a more peaceful, useful space.

Arlene Barr

I’m changing classrooms.  I don’t want to spend my whole summer thinking about this move.

We would love to be your hands and feet.  Leave the details to us!  We are professional packers and have moved many classrooms over the years.  There is a lot to think about, let the experts make sure all the bases are covered.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did when moving my classroom.  I can't tell you how much of a relief it was walking into my room and seeing the boxes organized and labeled.  It helped make the move in process quick and easy.  Your attention to my belongings and careful packing was very much appreciated.
You are such a wonderful organization and treat others belongings as if they were your own.

Thanks again,
Alicia Pearle

My physical mobility has changed and I know I could be more productive if my class was set-up more efficiently.  Who can help?

We will set-up zones to create an efficient flow for both you and your students.  We will reach deep into our bag of tricks to find systems and solutions that work for your specific needs.

Just wanted to let you know things are going well.  A bit of a struggle sometimes to get through the day, but all your work saved my body so much stress.  Thank-you again for all your hard work in my classroom.  I'll definitely pass on the word about your company and the great work you do.


I am so challenged when it comes to managing my time.  The day gets away from me.

We brainstorm custom processes and solutions for you.  We have members of our staff who are time management experts and have great technology apps to share.

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