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Perhaps you are thinking.......

I’m afraid to let Heart of the Matter know that I have back slid and the space we worked on doesn’t look as good as when they left.

We come back to check-in with you and see how you are doing.  We feel your pain and we want you to succeed.  We can offer you our “kick-start” maintenance plan to get you back on track.  We’ll stick with you until we find the system that’s right for you.

I had Heart of the Matter here before and I was supposed to have learned how to do it myself.  Now I'm ready to tackle another area, but I'm not quite sure where to start.

We will teach you our HEART process. Our mission is to equip and mentor you to get your space in order.  We will partner with you for as long as it takes for you to have the confidence you need.

Wow!! Just finished my organizing project with Heart of the Matter and I never want to go back to the way it was.

Do you want to stay accountable to us to maintain the good work that you've done?   We come back to check-in with you and see how you are doing. We can offer you our maintainence package so you have the peace of mind to know that we will stick by you.

I'm a perfectionist and I need a plan from the professionals before I start doing what needs to be done.  I hesitate to put any plan into place until I have all my ducks in a row.

We meet with you for a consultation and listen to what your specific needs are. Our staff has a combined 30+ years of experience and we have tried and true solutions.

How do I get my family on board?

Each family has their own unique dynamics.  We’ve facilitated many family meetings since we began our organizing business in 2004.

I’m so busy! I need an objective 3rd party to sit down with me and go over my schedule and help me prioritize.

We schedule a time to sit down with you and and look at your life and priorities. We know that each person is unique.  We’ll brainstorm options that work for you.  We have facilitated many time management workshops in a variety of settings.

Paper has me bogged down - kids’ school papers, mail, bills.   Plus, I’m an information junkie.   I seem to attract paper like a magnet.  It's everywhere!

We’ll sit beside you and see what is in those piles of paper that surround you.  Together we’ll create systems for short term and archival paper.   We have our own paper management DVD called Power Over Paper.  We are the experts!  Our Hotfile Paper Organizer has been implemented in the homes of many of our clients.   We have shared our tips with  thousands of people, showing them how to conquer clutter and tame the piles of paper.

Thanks for the wonderful job you both did last week - I keep opening my filing cabinet to just admire the inside.  The hot file system is working out really well for us too.  I've started tackling the kids memento boxes - you guys got me off to a great start.

Regards, Lisa Gray

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