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It is just a matter of choosing which package is best for you: 

DIY Brainstorming Session:

Team of two Heart of the Matter Organizers come to your place for a walk through.  You ask the questions and brainstorm your organizing challenges with the HOM team.  We won’t hold anything back.  We’ll share all our ideas and strategies…..THEN… implement the plan on your own time.

Custom Packages:


Matter of Maintenance Plans:

Work alongside or direct a team of 1 or 2 organizers to implement the agreed upon maintenance plans at each session.  Spread out payments over the year.

Monthly, bi-monthly, seasonal plans available.  

Minimum 3 month commitment required. To create your personalized maintenance plan, contact us today!

Matter of Mentoring Plans:

Need a little extra mentoring and encouragement? One of our organizers will come to your home (or video chat) on an agreed upon schedule and brainstorm solutions to your challenges (Eg. paper management, time management, family chore charts etc.)  

Minimum 3 month commitment required. To create your personalized maintenance plan, contact us today!


What is a “mentor”? According to Oxford Dictionary, it is an experienced and trusted advisor. As I have journeyed through my life, I have had many mentors. Most of mine have been family and friends, unstructured relationships, that I lean on when I am dealing with big decisions and stressful times in my life. I am very thankful for these mentors.

In the last year, I decided that I wanted to be intentional about being mentored in my own life. I sensed that I needed to find someone who was steps ahead of me and willing to listen. I remember exactly when I made this decision - I was journalling when I was on vacation and I had a real sense this was a next step for me.

I prayed about who that person could be. Someone came to mind right way so I decided to contact them before I convinced myself not to reach out! I am so grateful for my mentor. She is an incredible woman filled with wisdom. She understands the heart of a mother, what it is like to run a business, and she understands the ups and downs of life (this is not a comprehensive list - just the highlights! :). She is an amazing listener and I cherish the time that I spend with her. Does this sound like something that you could use in your life?
Maybe it would be helpful to have various mentors (someone who is steps ahead of you) in many different areas of your life.

Do you need an “organizing” mentor?  I would be honoured to be that person for you.  I do not profess to have all the answers because I absolutely don’t!  As we always say to our clients, we are professional . . . not perfect!  I have messy spaces in my house.  I don’t always get my laundry put away on the same day that it is washed and I am constantly having a war in my mind of what to get rid of due to my sentimental attachment to items.

And…... at this moment in time my desk would NOT be good advertising for Heart of the Matter!

As I am typing this I stepped back and decided to show you a picture of my desk . . . right here and right now.  I didn’t move a thing for the purposes of this picture! 🙂

I am not perfect . . .but I have been working in the organizing industry for 15 years now!  I have worked side by side with 100’s of clients. I have been reading and going to organizing conferences for many years and have been a part of Professional Organizers in Canada for 15 years.

I would love to

  • share my knowledge and heart with you
  • partner with you to give you the confidence to get your space (and life)  in order
  • give you suggestions and share my tricks of the trade
  • be the ‘someone’ to vent to with all of your organizing frustrations
  • and celebrate baby steps with you!

If what I have said resonates with you, then reach out.  I would be happy to connect and journey with you!


Learn More About Our Services

Q: What is a professional organizer?

A: A professional organizer is someone who provides information, products and assistance to help individuals and businesses achieve their specific organizing needs.

Here is what you can expect when you hire a Professional Organizer from Heart of the Matter Professional Organizing:

  • Guidance, encouragement and education to help reduce your stress and gain control.
  • A supportive approach where the professional organizer actively listens to your needs.
  • Focus and direction to address your organizational challenges.
  • A non-judgemental mindset that is focused on helping to reduce your stress.
  • Extreme dedication with the goal of helping you do more in less time, with more energy.

A professional organizer offers both consulting as well as hands-on organizing services, giving you the skills and tools you need to banish that awful feeling of being overwhelmed.

Q: Are all professional organizers the same?

A: Like other professionals, many organizers have an area of specialization, and bring different areas of expertise, certifications and skills to the table.

The three broad service areas of professional organizing comprise:

  • Home
  • Small and home office
  • Corporate organizing

Within those broader areas professional organizers may assist with time management, paper management, clutter control, chronic disorganization, behaviour modification, space planning, filing, organizing coaching, wardrobes, closet systems, event planning, errands, personal shopping, financial management, downsizing, packing/moving, records management, and so much more.

Some professional organizers work with specific populations such as, seniors, children, students, and people with ADD, hoarding issues or who are chronically disorganized. Some organizers specialize in specific niche professions such as healthcare/medical or legal offices. Others offer products, seminars and workshops on organizing or targeting a specific organizing subject.

Heart of the Matter and Senior’s Move are members of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC)

Check out ‘the stuff we love to do’ to learn more about our specialties!

Q: Why hire Heart of the Matter over another company?

A: For us here at Heart of the Matter it is all about the people.  We have an amazing staff that LOVE what they do.  Not only are they experts in the field of organizing, but more importantly they are down-to-earth caring individuals who want to share a bit of their heart, not a piece of their mind.   We love getting to know our clients and it is our sincere desire to assist them, however we possibly can, on their organizing journey.  Learn more about who is on our team

Q: Why should I choose a professional organizer over a cleaning service?

A: A cleaning service will come into your home or office and clean it from top to bottom. But a professional organizer gets to the root of the issue and then creates a plan to help you put the processes and systems in place to keep your home or office organized.

In other words, when you hire a professional organizer you will have the skills in place to keep your home or office organized and tidy.

Q: How do I make sure the professional organizer is the right person for me?

A: Just as you would if you were hiring a contractor, lawyer or any other service professional, you need to look at expertise, background and skills. Equally as important, take time to evaluate the organizer's personality and communication style during your preliminary call to see if you "click" and are comfortable with the organizer.

The organizer that is right for you will be an active listener, and gather information about your lifestyle or work routine. He or she will take the time to find out what you've tried in the past and why it hasn't worked. They will develop an organizing system that is tailored to your needs. The organizing skills and processes must fit with your style, so that they are sustainable.

Q: What questions should I ask before I hire an organizer?

A: Important questions to ask may include:

  • What are your areas of expertise?
  • Have you done similar projects?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can you outline your approach/process?
  • May I get references?
  • How do you charge for your fees – hourly, by the project or otherwise?

Q: My mother/son/friend/husband/daughter-in-law is so disorganized.  Should I hire an organizer on their behalf?

A: We do not recommend hiring a professional organizer on behalf of another person unless they have specifically requested you to do so, or unless you are hiring an office organizer to come in and train staff members. To be truly effective, organizers need to know their clients are as committed as they are to effecting true change.

Check out our article “Talking our Services”.  It includes helpful tips for bringing up what can be a touchy subject.

Q: Is my mess the worst you’ve seen? 

A: We acknowledge that it might be difficult, but try not to feel embarrassed.  This is what we do because we want to help you.  Your mess won’t scare or surprise us.  We pride ourselves on remaining non-judgmental and compassionate throughout the process. We welcome a challenge and we can see beyond your mess!

Q: Do you have to take before and after photos for your website?

A: Photos are not taken without your permission.  Before photos are useful, to refer to as we transform your space, to keep you motivated and to remind you of where you started.  Before and after photos will not be posted on our website without your permission, though you may want them posted, so others can see your dramatic results.

Q: Can I check client references? 

A: Absolutely!  References are provided upon request.

We have interspersed testimonials throughout our website.  Check them out to see what some of our happy clients have to say about our services.

Q: Should I buy storage containers or organizing systems ahead of time?

A: No. There are great products available, if you need them.  But, we will want to make sure you buy containers to fit what will go in them and that the containers fit perfectly where they will be stored.  We don’t want you buying randomly, without having worked through this process first.  The other thing is that we often find clients already have most of the product that they need.  Once things are sorted out and re-purposed your shopping list is usually minimal.  We will provide suggestions to work within your budget.

Q: Do you bring the necessary supplies for our work session, or do I need to purchase them?

A: We have on hand basic supplies for labeling, filing and sorting.  We also look after garbage bags, donation bags and label maker supplies.  We bring along a basic inventory of bins and filing supplies.  If you wish to buy any supplies from our inventory that is always an option.

Q: How long will it take?  

A: The scope of your project, your goals, how quickly you absorb information and make decisions, all play a part in how long your unique project will take. Time and cost can be reduced, if you are inclined to do some homework between sessions, though this is not required. We predict you will be surprised at how much is accomplished in just one session and this will inspire you to keep going!

We will proceed as quickly as your comfort level allows.  However, delays can occur if you are overly cautious, hesitant or not committed to the process. Extra time also mounts if you expand the scope of your project.

Each situation is different and each organizing project is designed around what works for your budget and desired level of participation. We are flexible and will provide whatever level of service you prefer.   For some help in clarifying the scope and length of your project, consider these questions:

  • How long has the clutter been accumulating and how much space is affected?
  • How willing are you to follow through on your organizer’s tips, systems and advice?
  • How quickly can you make decisions, once presented with options and ideas?
  • How long can you sit in one place and focus on a defined task?
  • Do you seek beauty, perfection or merely functionality?
  • How much time can you devote each week/month/quarter to working with your organizer?
  • Will you make time to do any work on your own, between organizing sessions?
  • How involved do you want to be in the process?
  • Would you prefer that we merely assess your situation and offer suggestions to get you started?
  • Do you foresee any situations that will cause delays in your project?

Q: Is it worth the cost?

A: Chaos is expensive!

  • Have you bought duplicate items you didn’t need because you can’t find what you want when you want it?
  • Have you paid late fees because you lack a  system for making timely payments?
  • Are you habitually late?
  • Do you miss out on events and opportunities because of poor time and schedule management?
  • Are family relations suffering because you are disorganized and your space is cluttered?

Quite possibly, you can’t afford not to hire a Professional Organizer!  This investment in yourself, will save you time and money.  With a place for everything and everything in its place, you can find what you need fast.  When your papers, supplies and other belongings are located conveniently to where they are needed, retrieval and clean up is simple and easy, increasing your productivity.  An added bonus is that after sorting, purging and organizing what remains, you can reduce your housework or office cleaning by up to 40%!  Your investment will likely be a drop in the bucket, compared to your improved peace of mind, which is priceless.

Q: What can I do to prepare for your visit?

A: Many people are embarrassed about their clutter or perceived disorganization.  Don’t worry!  We’ve seen it all. There is no need to pre-organize before our visit, in fact we prefer if you don’t.  We need to feel your pain and see where systems break down in your space.   We bring all necessary tools with us.  Eat a good meal before we arrive and be sure to dress comfortably.  If we are organizing your garage or attic, you might want to wear clothes than can get dirty or dusty.   It is wise to think ahead to your evening meal and have something in the crockpot or ready to easily prepare.  You will be tired after making a lot of mental decisions.  We’ll arrive at the door with smiles on our faces, and trust that we can quickly put you at ease and that we can enjoy this experience together.  We want to be your success partners!

Q: What is included in a complimentary initial consultation?

A: A team of 2 Professional Organizers will arrive at your door at the agreed upon time.  We have always worked in teams of two as we feel it divides the task and doubles the success.  We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed, but rather comforted in knowing that your team is there to partner with you.  The consultation usually lasts approximately 45 minutes.  It is free and there is absolutely no obligation beyond this initial meeting.  The team will ask you lots of questions in order to get to know you and your situation.  We want to learn what your motivation was for calling us and how we can assist you to reach your goals.  We listen with not just our ears, but our hearts too!  There is a lot of emotion involved in dealing with our stuff.  We want to partner with you to get to the Heart of the Matter.  We also want to be sure to put you at ease and answer all the questions that you have for us.

At the end of the consultation we’ll talk about the options for how we can proceed.  We’ll present package in more detail and be sure that you are clear on what’s what.  If you are ready to proceed, we’ll look at our calendars together and set-up our first work day.

We will ask you to sign a Letter of Agreement.  This lays out details on what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

Q: What do you expect from me if I hire you?

A: In order to make our time together the most productive, we expect:

  • Open communication about how we are/aren’t meeting your expectations
  • Uninterrupted concentration during our appointments
  • Completion of homework as agreed upon
  • Receipt of payment as agreed

Q: What can I expect from you when we are working together?

A: You can expect

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Caring and compassionate Heart of the Matter staff to partner with you
  • Appointments scheduled to meet your needs
  • Creative and innovative solutions to meet your needs
  • Continuing interest in your situation, if you desire

Q: What are my payment options?

A: We accept payment by cash, cheque or e-transfer.  Payment plans are available based upon individual client needs.  We are happy to discuss this with you further in person.  We ask for payment of the first session at the end of that session.


Q: What does a work session with Heart of the Matter look like?

A: We arrive ready for action!  Once we address any questions or concerns that you may have, we get to work.  We have a tried and true process that we have been using for all of our years in business.  We’ll tweak it to meet your needs, but we believe in it and find it very efficient.  We’ll share the process with you, and mentor you as we use it for your project.  If we’re working together for a full day then we will take a lunch break at the agreed upon time.  Our staff brings their own lunch and we go out to our vehicle to eat, debrief our progress and confirm our plan of action for the 2nd half of the session.  This allows you to have a break yourself and to not feel that you need to entertain us, in your space, during the break.  At the end of the day our team leader will present you with an invoice, collect payment and confirm future dates for work sessions.

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