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12 Brilliant Garage Decluttering Tips!

My husband is a Mr Fix-it (which I am so grateful for), but with that comes the tendency to keep and collect LOTS of bits and pieces “just in case”.

As I was preparing this blog this was an idea that I came across and I think it would be a great solution in our garage to store bits and pieces of various types of trim and wood that Murray saves for his projects.



Use a cardboard concrete form with plywood dividers.  Hang it from the ceiling in the garage with plumber’s strap.  It will keep all of those long skinny bits organized in much better fashion than leaning them in the corner and having them constantly falling over.

This time of year is perfect to sort and evaluate what you are storing in your garage.  Once you have decided what you are keeping then strategize to give everything a home.  The more things that you can get up and off the floor the better!  Don’t forget to label once you have your new storage options in place.


Pieces of PVC pipe (cut on an angle for easy drilling and installation) make storing brooms, garden tools etc. a breeze!  By labelling, it sets up the expectation that items will be returned to their home after each use!

                                                 Spray paint cans in a shoe organizer




                                       Add slits to a pool noodle to anchor fishing rods!

                          Keep extension cords from getting tangled with this nifty idea.

Love this idea for various sizes of bags – curtain rod bracket and a piece of dowel

This idea is great for keeping like things together – the ‘watering zone’!



We have used bungee cords in several spots in our garage.  Bang in a nail on an angle (into a stud) and it becomes an anchor for the bungee.  We are currently keeping bagged lawn chairs and a couple of folding tables in place with this idea.

Here is a clever way to coral your various types of balls and keep them from rolling around the garage.


I just couldn’t resist finishing off with this one last cute idea.  Unfortunately, I don’t have an entrance from my garage directly into my house, but if I did this is something I’d love to do!   Hmmm……just thinking that maybe I could do it on my front porch steps.  They are wooden.  I might change it slightly to ‘Happy to be Home’.    🙂

Paint and stencil your steps!



Be sure to check out our Pinterest Boards for lots more great garage ideas + loads of organizing tips for All Around the House!



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